The Scarlet Letter

by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Chapter 1, The Prison Door

Chapter 2, The Market Place

Chapter 3, The Recognition

Chapter 4, The Interview

Chapter 5, Hester at Her Needle

Chapter 6, Pearl

Chapter 7, The Governor's Hall

Chapter 8, The Leech

Chapter 9, Clifford and Phoebe

Chapter 10, The Leech and His Patient

Chapter 11, The Interior of a Heart

Chapter 12, The Minister's Vigil

Chapter 13, Another View of Hester

Chapter 14, Hester and the Physician

Chapter 15, Hester and Pearl

Chapter 16, A Forest Walk

Chapter 17, The Pastor and His Parishioner

Chapter 18, A Flood of Sunshine

Chapter 19, The Child at the Brookside

Chapter 20, The Minister in a Maze

Chapter 21, The New England Holiday

Chapter 22, The Procession

Chapter 23, The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter

Chapter 24, Conclusion