The House of the Seven Gables

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Gothic adventures in a haunted New England mansion

Chapter 1, The Old Pyncheon Family

Chapter 2, The Little Shop Window

Chapter 3, The First Customer

Chapter 4, A Day Behind the Counter

Chapter 5, May and November

Chapter 6, Maule's Well

Chapter 7, The Guest

Chapter 8, The Pyncheon of Today

Chapter 9, Clifford and Phoebe

Chapter 10, The Pyncheon Garden

Chapter 11, The Arched Window

Chapter 12, The Daguerreotypist

Chapter 13, Alice Pyncheon

Chapter 14, Phoebe's Good-Bye

Chapter 15, The Scowl and Smile

Chapter 16, Clifford's Chamber

Chapter 17, The Flight of Two Owls

Chapter 18, Maule's Well

Chapter 19, Alice's Posies

Chapter 20, The Flower of Eden

Chapter 21, The Departure