The Great Within, Chapter Six

by Christian Daa Larson

While the subconscious is being impressed, no thought whatever should be given to limitation, and no comparisons should be made with other persons or previous attainments.

To think that you wish to do better today than you did yesterday, is to give the subconscious two unrelated ideas upon which to act—the idea of the lesser achievement of the past and the idea of the greater achievement of the future. The subconscious will try to reproduce them both, but as they are antagonistic, they will neutralize each other, and there will be no results. The greater and the lesser cannot be produced by the same force at the same time.

To impress the desire that you may become greater than anyone else, will also present to the subconscious two conflicting ideas; and the results again will be neutralized.

The course to pursue is to forget the lesser achievements of yesterday; think only of the greater achievements that you wish to promote to-day; then direct the subconscious to do to-day what you wish to have done to-day. This will cause the great within to give all its power and attention to the one idea—the greater achievement of to-day; and the greater achievement will positively follow.

Know what you desire to become; resolve to become what you desire to become, whether others have reached those heights or not; forget the lesser heights that others have reached and give your whole mind and soul to the greater heights that you have resolved to reach.

You can become what you desire to become; the great within is limitless, and can give you all the wisdom and all the power that you may require. Knowing this, direct the great within to bring forth what you may need to reach your lofty goal, and the same will be done. The subconscious never fails to do what it is properly directed to do.

While impressing the subconscious, think of the perfect in regard to quality, and the limitless in regard to quantity. Never specify any exact amount, nor any special degree; always desire the limitless and the perfect; desire nothing less; and animate consciousness with a strong desire to expand constantly during the process, so that the highest quality and the greatest quantity possible may be realized.

Desire the fullest possible expression in the great eternal now; realize that your own inherent powers and capabilities are limitless, and impress that idea upon the subconscious.

Give no thought whatever to the lesser attainments in your own life or in the lives of others, but keep your mental eye single upon what you wish to become, knowing that you can become what you wish to become because there are no limitations in the great within.

When the subconscious begins to respond, a distinct sensation is frequently felt of some interior power working through you; this means that greater power from within is being awakened, and the outer mind should give full right of way so that a complete expression may be secured; that is, the conscious mind should become quiet, serene and thoroughly receptive, and should forget the personal self, for the time.

When the personal self is forgotten and the greater interior self is given full possession of both the mentality and the personality—it is then that one's greatest work is done. It is then that real ability, real talent and real genius can appear in tangible life and action.

When the musician forgets herself, there is something in her music that awakens the very depths of the soul, and you are lifted to a fairer world than you ever knew before.

When the artist forgets himself, his pictures are given immortal life and every touch reveals a universe of indescribable beauty.

When the orator forgets himself, he speaks as one having authority, and you inwardly feel that every word is true.

When the practical man of affairs forgets himself, he is given a power that is irresistible, and the obstacles that are encountered in the way, disappear as if they never had the slightest existence.

It is such people that do great things in the world; it is such people who live in the human heart after ages have passed away; and their secret is this—the greatness within them was awakened, and was permitted to give full expression to its rare and superior power.

When you feel this higher power mysteriously moving within the greater depths of mind and soul, you know what is taking place; be calm, and give the superior self the right of way.

At first this power may feel as if it were distinct from yourself; but it is not, it is your own superior power; the coming forth of your own limitless power; the very power that you have for some time been directing the subconscious to produce; and when you feel that it is your own it is placed in your full conscious possession, and will do whatever you may desire or direct.

To inwardly feel that the entire within is your own is extremely important, because the more completely the conscious mind is united with the power of the subconscious, the more perfectly can the conscious mind impress the subconscious, and the more thoroughly can the greater power of the subconscious express itself in external, tangible action.

When you are about to do something that demands the best that is within you, impress the subconscious for higher power; then wait a few moments for this power to appear; and when it does appear, let the outer self obey. The great within has come forth to do your work, and no power in existence can do it better.

To enter into full conscious possession of the higher power from within, and to give full right of way to this power, is to give your objective talents and faculties the greatest power and the best power at your command.

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