The Great Within, Chapter Ten

by Christian Daa Larson

The subconscious has the power to work out any problem, and find the exact answer to any question, at the time designated by the conscious mind; in fact, no problem is ever worked out by the conscious mind alone; the subconscious gives the real secret in every instance, though it is the conscious mind that makes the practical application.

To secure the direct and the fullest assistance from the subconscious when there are problems to solve, form a clear, distinct idea of what you wish to know, and impress that idea upon the subconscious with a deep, strong desire for the information required. Have perfect faith in the faith that you will receive the answer, and you will.

When you have something special to do at some near future time, that requires more power and mental brilliancy than you usually possess, direct the subconscious to give you the added power and intelligence at the exact time. The subconscious is exact as to time, and will produce, at the time desired, as much power and intelligence as you felt you needed for the special work when the impression was made.

To simply impress upon the subconscious a desire for more power is not sufficient; the impression must contain a clear idea of how much power is required and what the added power is expected to do.

While the subconscious is being impressed for more power, the mind must try to discern and feel the life of more power; and the amount of power that is discerned while the impression is being made, the subconscious will express at the time fixed for the expression.

Whenever an impression is made upon the subconscious, the conscious mind should try to gain the very highest and the very largest conception possible of the idea that is being impressed; and the more clearly the conscious mind discerns the largeness, the worth and the superiority of that idea, the larger, the worthier and the more superior will be the corresponding expression brought forth from the within.

When the conscious mind can see clearly the amount of power and mental brilliancy required for the special future action, and impresses that idea upon the subconscious with the deepest and the strongest desire for its realization, the impression thus made will call for the exact amount of power and intelligence required; and whatever the impression calls for the subconscious will supply.

The law is this, that the subconscious will respond with the exact quality and the exact quantity that you were conscious of, or that you can mentally discern and feel at the time the impression is being made. It is, therefore, extremely important to elevate the conscious mind into the largest and the most superior states of thought and feeling possible before an effort is made to impress the subconscious. In fact, this is the real secret in directing the subconscious to express a larger quantity and a higher quality than we ever received in tangible life before.

To live constantly in the deep, interior feeling of greater power, greater intelligence, greater personal worth and greater mental brilliancy, is to constantly call upon the subconscious to produce these things in larger and larger measure; and the subconscious will invariably do whatever it is called upon to do.

Though we should not live in the future in the sense that the mind dwells wholly in the thought of the future, nevertheless, we should always plan ahead.

Place your future plans in the hands of the subconscious; impress upon the subconscious what you wish to have done tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year; then direct the great within to work out the best plans and the best methods possible, and to give your faculties the understanding and the power to carry out those plans to the most successful termination.

When there is something upon which you cannot decide, inform the subconscious that a definite decision is desired at such and such a time; impress clearly and deeply the facts on all sides concerned, and know that the great within can give the desired decision at the time stated.

When this time comes you will receive your answer through the feeling of a strong, irresistible desire to take one particular course, and that alone.

While the answer is being expected, no anxiety should be felt, even though the last minute should arrive before anything definite appears; the mind that continues in serenity and faith will receive the right answer before it is too late; but the anxious mind will, through the confusion produced by the anxiety, prevent the subconscious from giving expression to the desired information.

When two antagonistic decisions appear at the time fixed, the subconscious exprestion has not been given full right of way. One of these decisions will be of the conscious mind who judges according to appearances; the other will be of the subconscious who judges according to facts, but which is which may seem difficult to discern.

The decision of the conscious mind may sometimes be the stronger, but at other times the weaker; one's strongest feelings, therefore, at such times will not prove to be safe guidance.

To reimpress the subconscious for an immediate and a definite decision is the proper course to pursue under such circumstances, and if the conscious mind is kept quiet, in faith, the true answer will shortly appear. You will then feel a strong desire to take but one course, and will lose all desire to even think about the other, because when the subconscious action is given full and free expression, everything that is antagonistic to that expression will cease to exist.

It is therefore evident that we may completely eliminate the wrong by directing the subconscious to express the right, and by giving the subconscious absolute freedom to do what it has been directed to do.

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