The Edinbugh Lectures on Mental Science

by Thomas Troward

This book contains the substance of a course of lectures recently given by the writer in the Queen Street Hall, Edinburgh. Its purpose is to indicate the Natural Principles governing the relation between Mental Action and Material Conditions, and thus to afford the student an intelligible starting point for the practical study of the subject. -- Thomas Troward

Chapter 1, Spirit and Matter —»

Chapter 2, The Higher Mode of Intelligence Controls the Lower —»

Chapter 3, The Unity of the Spirit —»

Chapter 4, Subjective and Objective Mind —»

Chapter 5, Further Consideration Regarding Subjective and Objective Mind —»

Chapter 6, The Law of Growth —»

Chapter 7, Receptivity —»

Chapter 8, Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds —»

Chapter 9, Causes and Conditions —»

Chapter 10, Intuition —»

Chapter 11, Healing —»

Chapter 12, The Will —»

Chapter 13, In Touch with Sub-Concious Mind —»

Chapter 14, The Body —»

Chapter 15, The Soul —»

Chapter 16, The Spirit —»