The Creative Mind and Success

Page 13, Money, A Spiritual Idea

by Ernest Holmes

Many people seem to think that money must be evil, although I have never as yet seen any who did not want a lot of this evil in their lives.

If all is an expression of life, then money is an expression of life, and as such, must be good. Without a certain amount of it in this life, we would have a hard time. But how to get it; that is the problem. How shall we acquire wealth? Money didn't make itself, and not being self-creative it must be an effect. Behind it must be the cause that projects it. That cause is never seen; no cause is ever seen. Consciousness is cause and people who have a money consciousness have the outward expression of it. People who don't have this mental likeness don't have money in their pockets.

What we need to is to acquire a money consciousness. This may seem very material, but the true idea of money is not material -- it is spiritual. We need to make our unity with it. We can never do this while we hold it away from us by thinking that we haven't it. Let us change the method and begin to make our unity with supply by daily declaring that all the Power in the Universe is daily bringing to us all that we can use. Feel the presence of supply. Know that it is yours now.

Make yourself feel that you now have, and to you shall be given. Work with yourself until there is nothing in you that

doubts. Money cannot be kept away from the man who understands that all is Mind, and that Divine Law governs his life.

Daily give thanks for perfect supply. Feel it to be yours, that you have entered into the full possession of it now.

Refuse to talk poverty or limitation. Stick to it that you are rich, Get the million-dollar consciousness. There is no other way, and this will react into everything that you do.

See money coming to you from every source and from every direction. Know that everything is working for your good.

Realize in your life the presence of the Omnipotent Power. Speak forth into It, and feel that It responds to your approach.

Whenever you see anything or anybody whom you think has more than you, at once affirm that you have the same thing. This doesn't mean that you have what is his, but that you have as much. It means that all you need is yours.

Whenever you think about anything big, at once say, "That means me." In this way, you learn to unify yourself, in the Law, with large concepts, and according to the way that Law works, it will tend to produce that thing for you.

Never let yourself doubt for even a minute. Always be positive about yourself. Keep watch over the inner workings of your thought, and the Law will do the rest.

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