The Creative Mind and Success

Page 21, No Unusual Experience

by Ernest Holmes

In demonstrating the truth of supply, we do not have to experience any peculiar emotion or psychic experience. We do not to feel any thrills or anything of that sort. While it is true that some of these things may come, yet we should remember that what we are doing is dealing with law, and that as law it will obey us, when we comply with its nature and contact it in the right way. What we are doing is stating something into Mind, and if the impression is clear in our own minds that it is and that it is done we have put all the activity we can put into it, until such a time as something happens in the external for us to work upon. So many people say, "I do wish that I could feel something, when I give a treatment." All this is a mistake and is an attempt to give a physical reason for life. What we do need to feel is that, since God is all and is good, he wants us to have only the good; and feeling this we should take what is already made for us.

Our attitude towards such a good Father should constantly be of thanksgiving. When we begin to prove the power of the truth we will always maintain this attitude. Know that you are dealing with a sure thing and that all you have to do is to know positively into it and wait for the results to come in the outer. Then do what your own good sense tells you to do, for this is the thought of God through you. More and more you will find that you are being led out of difficulty into that freedom which is the Divine birthright of every living soul. God ahead, then, looking only at the things desired and never at the things not wanted. Victory will always be on the side that the majority of your thoughts rest on in absolute acceptance.


SOME people visualize everything that they think of and many think that it is impossible to make their thoughts become reality unless they possess the power to visualize. This is not the case. While a certain amount of vision is necessary, on the other hand it must be remembered that we are dealing with a power that is like the soil of the ground, which will produce the plant when we plant the seed. It does not matter if we have never before seen a plant like the one that is to be made for us. Our thought is the seed and mind is the soil. We are always planting and harvesting. All that we need to do is to plant only that which we want to harvest. This is not difficult to understand. We cannot think poverty and at the same time demonstrate plenty. If a person wants to visualize let him do so, and if he sees himself in full possession of his desire and knows that he is receiving, he will make his visualization a reality. If, on the other hand, he does not visualize, then let him simply state what he wants and absolutely believe that he has it and the result will always be the same.

Remember that you are always dealing with law and that this is the only way that anything could come into existence. Don't argue over it. That means that you have not as yet become convinced of the truth or you would not argue. Be convinced and rest in peace.


DOES demonstration (thoughts becoming things) take place in the patient, the practitioner or in the mind of God? Let us see; We are in the mind of God and so it must take place there. But the patient is also in the mind of God or there would be two minds, and so it must take place in the mind of the patient also. But that is the mind of God, so what does it matter where it takes place? We do not have to project our thought, because Mind is right at hand and never leaves us at any time. All that we have to to do is to know within ourselves, and, when we are absolutely convinced, we will have made the demonstration.

As far as the practitioner is concerned, all that he has to do is to convince himself. Here his work begins and ends. There is a power that will look after the rest. Is this not the supreme attitude of faith in higher power? Of course it is, and the more faith that we have, the easier it will be for us and the quicker we will receive an answer to our prayer. If you have a simple, childlike faith it will produce; but it should give us a greater faith when we know something of the way that the law operates. It follows, then, that we should, by understanding, have so great a faith that we shall never fail to get the affirmative answer to all our thoughts. Each victory will strengthen us until the time will come when we will no longer   have to say I hope or believe, but I know.

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