The Great Within, Chapter Three

by Christian Daa Larson

The subconscious provides the essentials, but the conscious mind must apply those essentials before practical results may be secured.

When the subconscious is directed to produce health, those mental actions will be expressed that can produce health in the body when combined with normal physical actions, and it is the conscious mind that must produce the normal physical actions; that is, common sense living.

When the subconscious is directed to produce success, those elements, qualities and powers will be expressed in mind and body that can, if consciously applied, produce success.

That the subconscious can do anything is absolutely true, but it is true in this sense, that it can supply the power, the capacity and the understanding to do anything, but the conscious mind must practically apply what the subconscious has brought forth into expression.

The subconscious supplies the power and the mental elements, but these must be used by the conscious mind if the desired results are to be secured. Nothing comes ready-made from the subconscious, but it can give us the material from which we can make anything.

The subconscious can give you the powers and qualities of genius, and if you apply, practically and constantly, those powers and qualities, you will become a genius.

The subconscious can give you the life and the power that is necessary to remarkable talents, and if you use that life and power in the daily cultivation of your talents, those talents will become remarkable.

The law is that the conscious mind must impress its desires upon the subconscious in order to secure the mental essentials that may be required to fulfill those desires, but the conscious mind must use those essentials before results can be secured.

It is the conscious mind that does things, but it is the subconscious that supplies the power with which those things are done, and by learning to draw upon the subconscious the conscious mind can do anything, because unbounded power and innumerable possibilities are latent in the great within.

The proper conditions for recording an impression upon the subconscious are deep feeling, strong desires, conscious interest and a living faith. When these are blended harmoniously in the conscious actions of mind the subconscious will be directed and impressed properly and the desired response will invariably appear.

The principal essential, however, is deep feeling; no idea or desire can enter the subconscious unless it is deeply felt, and every idea or desire that is deeply felt will enter the subconscious of itself, whether or not we desire to have it do so.

It is through this law that man is affected by his environments, surroundings and external conditions, because whenever he permits himself to be deeply impressed by that with which he may come in contact those impressions will enter the subconscious.

What enters the subconscious of any mind will become a part of that mind, and will, to a degree, affect the nature, the character, the quality, the thoughts and the actions of that mind.

When the subconscious is impressed by external conditions the impressions will be like those conditions and, as like produces like, conditions will be produced in the subconscious that are exactly like those external conditions from which the impressions came.

The individual, therefore, who permits his subconscious to be indiscriminately impressed by external conditions will think and act, more or less, as his environments may suggest. In many respects his life will be controlled completely by those persons and things with which he may come in contact, while in nearly all other respects his life will be greatly modified by the presence of those persons and things.

The mind that does not control its feelings may be subconsciously impressed by any external action, be that action good or otherwise, while the mind that can give deep feeling to any idea can impress any idea upon the subconscious, and as the whole of the individual life is determined by what the subconscious is directed or impressed to do, the former will become, more or less, like his environment, having control neither of himself nor his destiny; the latter, however, may become what he wants to become and will master both himself and his destiny.

No undesirable feeling should ever be permitted; no wrong idea should ever be given in thought; nor should one ever think seriously, feelingly or sympathetically about wrong or evil in any shape or form.

To think feelingly about wrong is to impress wrong upon the subconscious; it is to sow undesirable seeds in the garden of the mind, and a harvest of weeds—sickness, trouble and want, will be the result.

Good thoughts, deeply felt, will bring health, happiness, harmony, peace, power, ability and character. Wrong thoughts, deeply felt, will bring discord, depression, fear, sickness, weakness and failure.

To properly impress the subconscious at all times, it is therefore necessary to train the mind to think only of those things that one desires to realize and express in tangible life; and what one does not wish to meet in personal experience should never be given a single moment of thought.

What we mentally feel we invariably impress upon the subconscious, and there is a tendency to mentally feel every thought that is given prolonged or serious attention.

To think about that which we do not want, is to impress upon the subconscious what we do not wish to impress; and as every impression produces a corresponding expression, we will thereby receive the very things we desire to avoid.

It is through this law that what we fear always comes upon us, because what we fear will impress itself upon the subconscious without fail.

To fear disease, failure or trouble is to sow seeds in the subconscious field that will bring forth a harvest of diseased conditions, troubled thoughts, confused mental states and misdirected actions in mind and body.

The more intense the fear the deeper the subconscious impression, and the more we shall receive of that which we feared we should receive.

Through the same law we always receive what we continue to expect in the desire of the deep, strong faith. The more faith we have in the realization and attainment of that which has quality, superiority and worth, the more deeply we impress the subconscious with those mental seeds that can and will bring forth the greater good that we desire.

To have faith in the attainment of peace, harmony, health, power, ability, talent and genius, while directing the subconscious to produce those things, is to cause those very things to be created within us in greater and greater measure.

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