The Great Within, Chapter Four

by Christian Daa Larson

The purpose of consciously and intelligently directing the subconscious is first, to correct every wrong, every flaw, every defect, every perversion, and every imperfect condition that may exist in the personality of man; and, second, to bring out into fuller expression the limitless possibilities that exist in the great within.

Everything that is wrong in the personal life of the individual comes from a corresponding wrong impression in the subconscious; the wrong subconscious impression is the cause, the wrong external condition is the effect; it is therefore evident that to remove all wrong impressions from the subconscious is to establish complete emancipation throughout the entire personal being of man.

To remove any wrong impression from the subconscious, the opposite correct impression must be made in its place. A wrong impression cannot be removed by mental force, resistance or denial; produce the right impression and the wrong impression will cease to exist.

By training the mind to think only of that which is desired in actual realization and experience, and by deeply impressing all those thoughts and desires upon the subconscious, every undesirable impression will be removed; the cause of every flaw, defect or perversion in the personal man will be removed, and in consequence, the flaws, defects, and perversions themselves will cease to exist.

The entire subconscious field can be changed absolutely by constantly causing new and superior impressions to be formed in the great within; and every change that is brought about in the subconscious will produce a corresponding change in mind and body.

There is nothing adverse in the mentality or the personality of man that cannot be corrected by causing the correct impression to be formed in the subconscious. All wrongs, flaws or defects, whether they be hereditary, or personally produced, can be removed completely through the intelligent direction of the subconscious.

Every impression that is properly made in the subconscious mind will produce a corresponding expression in the personality; that is the law, and it cannot fail; but the impression must be properly made.

The subconscious does not respond to mere commands, because it neither reasons nor discriminates; it does not obey what it is told to do, but what it is impressed to do. It is the idea that enters into the subconscious that determines subconscious action; but the idea must not simply be given to the subconscious, it must enter into the subconscious.

The idea that predominates in mind while the subconscious is being directed, is the idea that will be impressed; therefore, negative desires will impress the subconscious to do the very opposite to what is desired by the desire.

To direct the subconscious to remove sickness is to impress the idea of sickness, because the mind thinks principally of sickness at the time; in consequence, more sickness will be produced.

It is not what the subconscious is directed to do, but the predominant thought that is conveyed through that direction that determines results; therefore, the predominant thought must be identical with the final results desired.

When health is desired, no thought whatever should be given to sickness; the subconscious should not be directed to remove sickness, but should be directed to produce health.

The subconscious should always be directed to produce those qualities and conditions that are desired, but those conditions that are to be removed should never be mentioned in mind. Adverse conditions will disappear of themselves when true conditions are established; but the mind cannot impress, create and establish the true while attention is being concentrated upon the adverse.

To direct the subconscious not to do thus or so, is to impress the subconscious to do that very thing. When you try to impress the subconscious with the idea that you do not wish to get sick any more you have sickness in mind, and it is the idea that you have in mind that you impress upon the subconscious.

To remove sickness forget sickness absolutely, and impress upon the subconscious the idea of health, and that idea alone. Desire health with all the power of mind, and fill both sides of mentality, conscious and subconscious, so completely with that desire that every thought of sickness is forgotten.

A denial will impress upon the subconscious the nature and the power of the very thing that is denied; therefore, to deny evil or resist evil is to produce causes in mind that will, in the coming days, produce more evil.

To try to deny away adverse conditions is to continue in perpetual mental warfare with those very things that mind is trying to destroy. Temporary states of seeming freedom in some parts of the system will be followed regularly with outbreaks of adversity in other parts; while the subconscious cause of undesirable conditions in mind or body will not be removed.

So long as we continue to resist or deny evil, we will think about evil, and so long as we think about evil, evil will be impressed upon the subconscious; and whatever we impress upon the subconscious, that the subconscious will reproduce and bring forth into the personal life.

When we have a great undertaking that we wish to promote, and desire to secure as much added power, ability and capacity as possible from the great within, the subconscious should not be directed to prevent failure. To think of failure is to impress the subconscious with the idea of failure, and detrimental conditions—conditions that will confuse the mind and produce failure—will be expressed.

All thought of failure should be eliminated, and the subconscious should be deeply impressed to produce success. The subconscious will respond by bringing forth the power, the capacity, the ability, the understanding and the determination that can and will produce success.

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