The Great Within, Chapter Twelve

by Christian Daa Larson

To promote the highest development of mind and soul, a sunny disposition is indispensable; the brighter, the happier and the sweeter the disposition, the more easily and the more rapidly will any talent develop; and it is a literal truth that a sunny disposition is to the talents of the mind what a sunny day is to the flowers of the field.

Every form of disposition comes from the subconscious, be it sweet or otherwise; but the undesirable may be removed completely, and the sweetest and brightest disposition imaginable be permanently established, by daily impressing upon the subconscious your most perfect idea of a sweet and wholesome nature.

As the sweetness of human nature develops, all undesirable feelings and dispositions will disappear; no thought, therefore, should be given to the elimination of perverse characteristics, but the whole of attention should be concentrated upon the development of the wholesome, the sweet and the beautiful.

When there is a tendency to feel out of sorts, turn attention upon the finer side of your nature—the subconscious—and think deeply, strongly and feelingly of joy, brightness, kindness, amiableness, cheerfulness, sweetness and loveliness; try to enter into the very life of those states and feel that your entire nature is being recreated in the image and likeness of all that is sweet and beautiful.

To permit yourself to feel surly whenever there is a tendency to feel that way is to impress the subconscious with such a state of mind, and the subconscious will respond by giving your nature a stronger tendency to feel surly and out of sorts at the least provocation.

The first indication of ill-feeling in any shape or form should be counteracted at once by immediately directing the subconscious to give expression to the sweet, the wholesome and the beautiful.

It is not only the privilege of every mind to attain greatness, but no mind is doing justice to self that is not doing its utmost to develop greatness; and since a sunny disposition is absolutely necessary to the steady development of ability, talent and genius, neither time nor effort should be spared in recreating the subconscious so completely that every part of its vast domain is permeated through and through with the highest order of human sweetness and mental sunshine.

To recreate the subconscious mentality in the likeness of higher ideals, every impression given to the subconscious should have soul. It is the conscious realization of soul that gives quality, worth and superiority to everything that appears in human life; the reason being that the soul is superiority, and that everything gains superiority that comes in conscious touch with the soul.

To feel soul is to feel the life of real worth, and to impress that feeling upon the subconscious will cause the subconscious to give real worth to every part of the personality.

The subconscious should be directed daily to give worth and superiority to the entire being of man; and this it positively can do.

The great within should be directed to work for greater things, and when every impression is impressed in the feeling of soul, every impression will cause the within to unfold, develop and give expression to greater things.

All greatness comes from the awakening of the great within; to awaken the great within is to feel greatness, and to be filled with the power that is greatness—the power that will invariably produce greatness.

Ability, talent and genius of the highest order must inevitably follow the develop ment of the great within; likewise, the strong mind, the invincible character and the beautiful soul.

Every faculty increases in power, capacity and quality as its subconscious side is being developed, and this subconscious side may be developed by concentrating attention upon the interior, finer essence of that faculty while the most perfect idea or conception of that faculty is held in mind.

The development of the subconscious side of the entire personality will increase the drawing power of the personality, the power that attracts, both directly and indirectly, whatever the mind may desire.

This power is the result of subconscious action, and therefore increases, both in volume and in natural attraction, as a greater measure of the within is awakened.

There are many personalities that are strong, but that do not attract, while there are many others that lack in power but that are very attractive in proportion to the power they do possess. The cause of the former condition is an awakened subconscious life that does not receive free and orderly expression; the cause of the latter condition is a limited subconscious life that is not disturbed nor hindered in its expression.

To steadily increase subconscious action and give that action a well-poised expression will cause the personality to become practically irresistible in its power of attraction.

The drawing power of the subconscious lies in its ability, not only to give extraordinary power to the personality, but also to produce ideas that draw, plans that draw, methods that draw and systems that draw.

It is not only ideas, but the way those ideas are arranged, that determines results; and it is not only high-class work, but the way that work is presented, that determines the measure of success. The best ideas may be ignored completely by the world, and the best work may have to be abandoned through the lack of appreciation, and the subconscious life that is expressed through those ideas or efforts is at fault.

Direct the subconscious not only to give you the best ideas, the best plans and the best methods, but also direct the subconscious to give the proper expression to those ideas and methods. When the proper expression is made the attention of the world will be attracted; your ideas will be understood, the real worth of your work will be appreciated, and your efforts will be in constant demand.

The subconscious can work out the best ideas and create the best expression of those ideas; it can give the power and the ability to do greater things, and can give your work that mysterious something that will attract both the attention and the appreciation of the world.

The subconscious in every mind should therefore be directed to do these things, because no person is just to himself who does not make the best use of everything that exists in his nature.

The subconscious, when so directed, will give a natural drawing power to all the finer thought currents; these in turn will convey the same qualities to every part of the mentality and the personality; this will cause everything that man is, and everything that he does, to be stamped with that something that attracts attention and commands appreciation; his desires will consequently become irresistible.

The desires of such a mind will have the power to create their own way to their own goal, no matter how lofty that goal may be. The power of the subconscious is limitless, therefore, nothing becomes impossible when we awaken the great within.

All desires should be made subconscious, and when those desires are constantly expressed with the deepest feeling and the strongest desire that can possibly be aroused, you will positively receive what you want. If it fails to come through one channel it will come through another; but come it will, because the subconscious has the power to do whatever it is directed to do.

To subconsciously desire something is to make yourself strong enough and able enough to command, create or attract that something.

Make your desires subconscious and the subconscious will make you worthy of what you desire; the subconscious desire will awaken the same quality and worth in yourself that already exists in that which you desire, and, as like does attract like, you will invariably get what you desire when you become equal to what you desire.

The subconscious desire for abundance will develop in yourself the power to earn and create abundance; it will increase your earning capacity at will, both directly and indirectly, change your personality so that you will be naturally drawn into environments and associations where you can make the best possible use of that increase of capacity.

The subconscious, being limitless, can work out ideas and plans that you can use in your present position in furthering your desire for the better position; the subconscious, if directed, will find a way; especially so if the desire is very deep and very strong; and you will also receive the power and the ability to do whatever that way may demand.

It is therefore evident that whatever a person's conditions or circumstances may be to-day, the subconscious can, and will, open the door to something better, providing there is a strong subconscious desire for something better.

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