The Great Within, Chapter Thirteen

by Christian Daa Larson

To awaken the great within is to awaken to a universe of higher attainments, greater achievements and more farreaching possibilities than one has ever dreamed of before; it is to enter that world where every desire will be granted, every aspiration realized and every ideal fulfilled.

To promote this awakening, direct the subconscious to give its best to every thought and every action, and when this best has been received, direct the subconscious to produce something still better. It can; the subconscious can do whatever we may wish to have done.

Every condition that appears in the body, be it favorable or otherwise, comes either directly or indirectly from the subconscious; that is, it may be the direct effect of a corresponding subconscious cause, or it may be the effect of external causes that were permitted to act upon the body because the true subconscious expression was absent.

No external cause can produce disease in the body so long as the subconscious is giving a full expression to perfect health; and no curative agent from the without can restore health in the body so long as the subconscious is giving expression to diseased conditions.

The majority of physical ills can be cured by nature when the subconscious ceases to give expression to weakening and disease-producing conditions, and all diseases can be permanently removed by training the subconscious to give a full and constant expression of health.

Personal and physical conditions are effects; they are caused either directly or indirectly by the subconscious; therefore, any condition desired in the personality may be produced through the proper direction of the subconscious.

To direct the subconscious to produce perfect health, the first essential is to gain a clear conscious realization of the state of perfect health, and the second essential is to permeate the subconscious with this realization.

The subconscious mind is a deeper and a finer state of mental life that exists within every atom of the human system; it is another mental world, so to speak, and is so immense that the ordinary conscious mind is mere insignificance in comparison. But it obeys perfectly the directions of the conscious mind, and, having limitless power in every part of the body, can readily banish any disease when properly directed to do so.

To impress the subconscious, attention should be concentrated upon this superior mental world, and all thought should be gradually refined until one can feel that the conscious thought has been completely transformed into the spiritual fineness of the subconscious thought.

The subconscious may be reached most directly by concentrating upon the brain center, though attention must not be fixed upon the physical brain, but upon that finer mental life that permeates the physical brain.

All general directions given to the subconscious should be given through the brain center, but for the curing of physical ailments attention should be concentrated upon the subconscious mentality that permeates the organ, muscle or nerve where the ailment is located.

To impress the conscious realization of health upon the subconscious life of any part of the body will cause the subconscious to bring forth into that part of the body the same condition of health which the conscious mind realized while the impression was being made ; it is, therefore, necessary to attain the very highest possible conscious understanding of the real state of perfect health before the subconscious is directed to produce health.

No thought of disease should form in mind while the subconscious is being impressed with perfect health; neither should one think of the body. To think of the body is to form mental conceptions of the way physical conditions now feel, and if these conditions are undesirable, undesirable impressions will enter the subconscious, to be followed by the formation of more undesirable conditions in the near future.

The imperfection of physical conditions should never enter mind at any time, because such conditions are liable to be deeply felt, and whatever is deeply felt will be impressed upon the subconscious, whether we so wish or no; neither should there be any desire to remove or overcome that which may seem undesirable. To desire to remove the wrong is to deeply think about the wrong, because all desires tend to deepen the actions of thought, and to deeply think about the wrong is to impress the wrong upon the subconscious. It is sowing weeds in the fields of the mind, and the harvest will be accordingly.

All thought should be animated with the consciousness of that perfection in health and wholeness that we desire to realize in expression, and all feeling should be trained to feel the health, the life and the harmony that the subconscious is being directed to produce.

To consciously live through and through the finer subconscious mentality for a few moments, several times every day, and deeply impress one's most perfect realization of health upon the entire subconscious mentality will cause the subconscious to give a full and constant expression of health.

The result will be perpetual health, without a moment of any form of sickness at any time, and if the conscious mind will seek to daily impress upon the subconscious a more and more perfect realization of absolute health, the subconscious will steadily improve the quality of the health that is being expressed.

To eliminate a local ailment the subconscious mentality that permeates that part of the body should be impressed with the conscious feeling of the health that is desired.

Concentrate upon the finer mental life in that part of the body where the adverse condition appears and feel the reality of perfect health. Do not concentrate upon the physical organ, nor even think of the physical organ, but enter mentally into the interior subconscious life of that organ and, while in that state, feel the spirit of perfect health with all the depth of mind and soul.

What you feel, while in that state, you impress upon the subconscious, and the subconscious will cause perfect health to be expressed through every atom of that organ.

To eliminate a chronic ailment, impress perfect health upon the subconscious as a whole, while concentrating upon the subconscious mentality within the brain center. Also concentrate frequently upon the subconscious side of the entire personality? feeling the state of perfect health in the subconscious life of every part of the system.

If certain parts of the body are specially affected, impress those parts in the same way as for a local ailment, though local attention should be given, not so much to those parts of the body that feel the effects of the ailment as to those parts where the adverse condition has its origin.

Before impressing the subconscious the entire system should be made as calm and peaceful as possible, and the principal directions should be given to the subconscious immediately before going to sleep.

The most important of all, however, is to live, think and act in the absolute faith that the subconscious can and will do whatever it is directed to do.

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