The Great Within

by Christian Daa Larson

This book was written with words more commonly used by a professor than by someone in normal conversation. For me to absorb the best wisdom I needed to read slowly, often re-reading a sentence and thinking a minute about what is really being said. I also discovered that if I re-visited a chapter at a later date I got new and different revelations of what was being said. The theme of the book is that if you feed your subconscious mind correctly, you can be, do or have anything that you sincerely desire. - Jimbo Berkey

Chapter 1 —» Explaining the relationship between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is our ‘Great Within’. Our subconscious mind obeys absolutely what we teach it to do, and properly taught, it can bring to reality anything that we desire to do or become.

Chapter 2 —» Examples of how the conscious and subconscious minds interact, and how the subconscious can provide the wisdom and knowledge to create whatever desire we have and solve any problems keeping us from that desire.

Chapter 3 —» Our subconscious, when properly trained, does not magically make our desires come to life out of thin air, but rather provides our conscious mind with the knowledge and wisdom needed to create our desires. It is vital that we train our subconscious mind to remain focused on the creation of our desire.

Chapter 4 —» There are many wrong thoughts and impressions in our subconscious that must by systematically replaced. What we think about we will bring about, whether good thoughts or bad thoughts.

Chapter 5 —» The first steps of training the subconscious. How to replace destructive thoughts of fear, worry and anger.

Chapter 6 —» The problem with trying to be better today than yesterday, and the problem with trying to be as good as or better than your role models.

Chapter 7 —» Teaching the subconscious to produce thoughts of greatness and success in our conscious, so that our conscious mind can then actually create that success and greatness.

Chapter 8 —» There is a struggle between good and bad in our subconscious, and the reward is great for those who win that struggle.

Chapter 9 —» Explaining how to impress the subconscious mind with a thought or idea.

Chapter 10 —» How to have the subconscious mind provide inspired solutions to problems and crisis events.

Chapter 11 —» Allowing the subconscious to provide business, career and personal advice and inspiration in all matters large or small.

Chapter 12 —» Creating a winning personality by impressing the subconscious with the desired traits will speed journey to getting your desires. The subconscious desire for abundance will develop in yourself the power to earn and create abundance; it will increase your earning capacity at will, both directly and indirectly, change your personality so that you will be naturally drawn into environments and associations where you can make the best possible use of that increase of capacity.

Chapter 13 —» The ability of the subconscious to affect both mental and physical health.

Chapter 14 —» The importance of the subconscious during sleep, and how to prepare for the best sleep.

Chapter 15 —» How to impress the subconscious with a problem before sleep to awaken with the answer.

Chapter 16 —» Additional advice on proper preparation for sleep, and the effect of dreams during sleep.

Chapter 17 —» A summary of the workings of the subconscious and conscious mind and their ability to give us the power to create or attract any desire that we wish for.